experience & education

GIS Experience

ESRI                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2015 to 2016

Solutions Engineeer (Jun 2015-May 2016)

Created ready-to-use, customizable mapping templates using Esri’s suite of desktop, web and mobile applications. Stood up and tested hosted and on-premise GIS web applications using the ArcGIS for Solutions templates. Created data following detailed schema specifications to enable live demonstrations of the ArcGIS for State Government solutions.

  • Evaluated applications and software available within the ArcGIS platform to promote best practices for customers in the Emergency Management and State Government communities. Focused on creating solutions using ArcMap, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, Web AppBuilder, Operations Dashboard, GeoEvent and Collector.

  • Tested the functionality of newly developed widgets within Web AppBuilder, ran scripts to confirm expected results and tested existing solutions with each new release of ArcMap and ArcGIS Online to ensure functional equivalency. Reported bugs as necessary.

  • Published feature and geoprocessing services using ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS for Server. Configured hosted and on-premise web applications to consume these services and utilized website debugging tools to troubleshoot.

  • Composed and edited website content. Managed changes through GitHub to enable multiple simultaneous editors.

  • Performed all work to meet release deadlines.

INDEPENDENT GIS CONTRACTOR                                                                                                                                                                                      2014 to 2015

Cartographer; Defenders of Wildlife (May 2014-February 2015)

Perform spatial analysis and produce wildlife habitat maps for use in developing plans and advocacy around species reintroduction.

NATIONAL PARK SERVICE (NPS)                                                                                                                                                                                         2014 to 2015

GIS Specialist (Sep 2014-May 2015)

Create professional map atlases for a national program designed to document the current state of all national parks. Work closely with GIS representatives and other park employees to ensure the final products meet national requirements as well as park needs. Present the final product as a suite of poster-sized printed maps as well as interactive web-based maps.

  • Gather and organize data provided by individual parks, regional headquarters and online resources. Develop a centralized data package to be delivered to the client/park upon project completion.

  • Oversee the process of atlas development. Initiate data consolidation, produce mpas, facilitate a formal map review, update maps as required and deliver final products. Develop timelines for project completion and ensure project milestones are met.


FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY (FEMA)                                                                                                                                              2014 to 2014

Geospatial Risk Analyst Intern (May 2014-Sep 2014)

Developed a geospatial product framework to guide impact assessments during disaster response and ensure key information is delivered to decision makers in a clear and logical manner. This framework is being adopted by FEMA as a national standard and is being incorporated into the FEMA Production Sub-Working Group map catalog.

  • Synthesized information from the FEMA Modeling Task Force (MOTF), FEMA headquarters, Department of Defense colleagues, emergency management community members and previous national level disaster GIS-based loss estimation products to gain a rounded understanding of mission requirements. Collaborated extensively with the FEMA MOTF to apply these requirements to the geospatial product framework while maintaining practicality.

  • Served as FEMA Region VIII's Department of Defense (DOD) liaison for emergency managment applications. Worked with the DOD Region VIII Defense Coordinating Element, ARNORTH and NORTHCOM to better integrate FEMA geospatial products into DOD business practices.

  • Performed geospatial risk analysis during disaster response in support of FEMA's MOTF. This work provided situational awareness and impact estimates to FEMA senior leadership and helped expedite response activities in affected communities.

  • Provided geospatial training to Department of Defense staff.


NATIONAL CENTER FOR ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH                                                                                                                                                        2013 to 2014

GIS Intern (Mar 2013-Apr 2014)

Provided analytical, editorial, and cartographic support of NCAR’s GIS program. Assisted with GIS-based scientific research projects focused on the social aspects of weather and climate.

  • Gathered, analyzed and consolidated data to used to research human-climate interactions. Developed investigative methodologies. Integrated spatial and non-spatial data and processed and consolidated diverse raster and vector datasets for spatial and statistical analysis.

  • Documented analytical processes to communicate data integrity and confidence in results.

  • Managed, updated and organized large shared datasets, ensuring compliance to ISO standards. Wrote basic Python scripts to manage, edit and manipulate large datasets as well as automate repetitive processes. Troubleshot lines of code to obtain desired results.

  • Created basic maps as needed to support research proposals and presentations.

  • Reviewed, tested and edited ArcGIS and Quantum GIS training programs, specializing in climate studies, delivered internally and at scientific conferences worldwide.


Other Experience

RAYTHEON POLAR SERVICES & LOCKHEED MARTIN ANTARCTIC SUPPORT CONTRACT                                                            2003 to 2008 & 2009 to 2015

Science Planning Coordinator (Nov 2009-Nov 2011, Apr 2012-Apr 2015)

Serve as Functional Analyst and Database Administrator, acting as liason between Scientific, IT Application Development, and Administrative team members. Maitain and prepare datasets for use in resource analysis and information communication. 

  • Facilitate ongoing development of heavily customized databases integrating more than 10 web applications. Gather, document, and communicate highly specific user requirements for use by Development team; communicate system capabilities / IT resource constraints to user.

  • Conduct data analyses and prepare reports, charts and graphical representations of resource constraints to optimize project funding by the National Science Foundation (NSF). 

  • Deliver prioritized support to ~100 colleagues, government agencies and private contractors requesting data and database updates.

  • Prioritize, plan, and coordinate process improvements; prepare Visio flowcharts and document procedures.

  • Author and review operational agreement documents, research support plans, out-brief reports, and resource analyses documents for technical and general accuracy. Facilitate the evaluation and visualization of resource constraints and project supportability.

  • Develop templates, documents and procedures using Microsoft Word and Excel to standardize the work of 20 Project Managers and 50 data input providers.


Science Planner (Nov 2011- Apr 2012)
Provided planning and logistical support for small and large federally funded Antarctic scientific research projects. Continued Science

Planning Coordinator activities with the additional tasks below.

  • Served as professional liaison between scientific grant provider/client - National Science Foundation, logistical/field support – Raytheon Polar Services, and scientific researchers representing multiple institutions to facilitate collaboration and negotiate research support agreements.

  • Reviewed Antarctic science proposals and operational work requirements to determine logistical support needs and recommend implementation programs. Evaluated requirements to balance competing needs for shared resources.  

  • Conducted and participated in logistical planning discussions with project participants and scientific user committees. Attended scientific conferences along with principal investigators, students, educators, support contractors, and field staff.

  • Traveled to field sites in the Antarctic to better understand research requirements for future years.


Assistant Supervisor | Field Coordinator, MCMURDO STATION-ANTARCTICA (Aug 2004-Jul 2008)
Provided field support logistics for remote and local Antarctic field camps. Integrated logistical needs of ~10 departments to develop complex field plans (flight operations, cargo movement, communications support, etc.). Supervised employees and executed field activities.

  • Developed work plans and schedules to ensure successful completion of required tasking in a timely manner. Maintained field equipment used to support hundreds of Antarctic researchers. Resolved equipment malfunctions in remote evironments using limited and sometimes creative resources.

  • Analyzed research proposals and support requests to prioritize scientific field equipment allocations. Utilized planning databases to research gear requests and track equipment.

  • Instructed Field Safety Training Program courses as needed. Served on U.S.-New Zealand Antarctic Search and Rescue team.


Antarctica Field Worker, MCMURDO STATION & PALMER STATION-ANTARCTICA (Oct 2003-Feb 2004 & Sep 2007-Apr 2008)

Assisted scientists with various field projects. Served on Glacier and Ocean Search & Rescue teams and Fire Brigade. Performed carpentry tasking, utilities maintenance, forklift support, road maintenance, field equipment repair, fuel distribution, and snow removal. 


VERSAR, INC.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2008 to 2009

Associate Geologist (Oct 2008-Nov 2009)
Organized and implemented soil and water sampling programs for government and private remediation projects. Performed Phase I environmental analyses of private properties.

  • Served as Field Operations Supervisor for government and private environmental remediation projects. 

  • Organized daily logistics for sampling and excavation activities as well as monitoring well installations. Oversaw subcontractors during drilling and other operations to ensure compliance with field plan, contract and government policies.

  • Designed and implemented sampling plans based upon scientific proposal requirements. Coordinated permitting for subsurface environmental investigations of government properties.

  • Used GPS to mark sampling sites. Mapped plumes of subsurface water contaminants using data acquired through monitoring well sampling programs.

  • Managed hazardous waste generation, labeling, testing, permitting, and removal. Minimized field site hazards; upheld OSHA regulations.


Education | Publications | Certifications

Master of Engineering, GIS, UNIVERSITY of COLORADO, Denver; May 2015

GIS Certificate, UNIVERSITY of COLORADO, Denver; December 2013

Published: "Estimation of human induced disturbance of the environment associated with 2002, 2008 and 2013 land use/cover patterns in Mexico", Applied Geography, January 2016

Six Sigma Specialist, Raytheon Polar Services; February 2012


Technical Skills

Excellent skills in ESRI ArcGIS products including ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcGIS Online, Web AppBuilder, Operations Dashboard, Esri Solutions, and ArcGIS Pro. Experienced using ArcGIS for Server, Collector and GeoEvent. Intermediate Python scripting, basic knowledge of PostGIS databases. Advanced user of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Visio. Competent with Adobe Acrobat.