I am a GIS professional with a passion for analysis and visualization and a background in science and technical project coordination.


For ten years, I provided logistical and planning support to scientific research with the U.S. Antarctic Program and an environmental remediation group in Colorado.


During this time, I did not work directly with Geographic Information Systems despite dabbling with mapping programs to outline logistical operations for research programs. This all changed when I discovered GIS four years ago and began to pursue a degree.


As I began my cartographic studies and exercised my spatial reasoning in my first GIS job as an intern with the GIS program at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, I quickly realized how powerful GIS can be in performing analysis and translating complex phenomena.


This discovery was like finding the key that unlocked my thoughts and released them out into the world; GIS processed data in the exact same way I did.


Since my first days with NCAR, I have successfully pursued a career path that allows me to expand my knowledge of GIS and apply it in new and exciting ways. I am thrilled to continue to explore the possibilities that GIS has to offer.